Exploring Factors on Quality of Life of Pregnant Women: A Qualitative Study


  • Nunik Puspitasari1 , Yuly Sulistyorini2 , Mahmudah3




Physical health factors, Mentalhealth factors, Social health factors, Environmental factors, Quality of Life, Pregnant Women.


This study aimed to identify factors of quality of life in pregnant women in East Java Province, Indonesia.
This research is a qualitative assessment. The research participants were 13 pregnant women in rural and
urban areas in East Java Province, who were asked for information on all aspects related to the quality of
life during pregnancy based on their perceptions. The research was conducted using a qualitative content
analysis approach. The data analysis results resulted in 123 codes, 25 sub-categories, and 4 main categories:
physical health factors, mental health factors, social health factors, and environmental factors. This study’s
conclusion consists of physical factors: the ability to perform daily activities, mobility abilities, need for
help from others, sleep disorders, and pain and discomfort. Mental health factors consist of aspects of selfperception, positive feelings, and negative feelings about pregnancy. Social factors consist of the husband’s
support aspects, family support, social support, and sexual relations. Meanwhile, social factors consist of
financial aspects, social health insurance, opportunities to obtain information, the physical environment,
recreation and hobbies, and transportation.

Author Biography

Nunik Puspitasari1 , Yuly Sulistyorini2 , Mahmudah3

Assistant Professor, 2Instructor, 3Associate Professor, All Dept. of Biostatistics and Population Study,
Public Health Faculty, Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia