Effectiveness of Prenatal Education on Awareness Regarding Anemia and its Effect on Health among Primi Antenatal Mothers


  • Mangala S. Khadse1, Bharati Weljale


Effectiveness, prenatal education, awareness on anemia, primi antenatal mothers


Introduction: Anemia is a common problem among pregnant women, and continues to be a major public health problem worldwide with highest prevalence in developing countries. It affects half a billion women of reproductive age worldwide, and in India, prevalence of iron deficiency anemia is highest in the world that is 80%. It’s largely preventable and treatable where nutritional education plays significant role, thus present study was undertaken with objectives of testing effectiveness of prenatal education on awareness regarding anemia and its effect on health. Material and Method: A quasi experimental study was conducted in Pravara Rural Hospital at OBGY OPD of Pravara Rural Hospital among 30 purposefully selected primi antenatal mothers. The prenatal education was implemented to assess the effectiveness on awareness on anemia where pre test and post test design without control group was used. The pre tested (validity, reliability and pilot testing) structured questionnaire was used for data collection. The collected data was analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics wherever is required as per the objectives and hypotheses. Results: The findings of the study revealed that the prenatal education was found effective in improving the awareness on anemia and its effect on health, and was evident from the difference between pretest (8.5±2.21) and post test (18.4±1.06) mean scores which was found statistically significant difference. The chi square analysis showed a statistically significant association between the awareness and variables like age (x2 = 3.89) and education (x2 = 4.16) at p<0.05 level. Conclusion: The major conclusion drawn from the study that the prenatal education was found to be cost effective intervention in enhancing the awareness of primi antenatal mothers regarding anemia and its effect on health. The prevention of anemia and its complications are paramount important during antenatal period where the prenatal education plays vital part in early recognition and prevention of anemia.

Author Biography

Mangala S. Khadse1, Bharati Weljale

1PG Student, 2Associate Professor, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University), College of Nursing, Loni (BK), Ahmednagar