Assessment of Obstetric and Foetal Outcome among Unbooked Mothers at Alqassimi Womens and Children Hospital, Sharjah


  • Sameera Suleiman1, Sinu Pappan2


Fetal outcome, maternal outcome, unbooked mothers.


A retrospective study was been undertaken to determine the obstetrical and fetal outcome among unbooked mother’s in a teritiary referral hospital. This study is to rule out the fetal and obstetrical outcome such as asphyxia, abruptio placenta; etc . A quantitative research approach is used. The data were been collected using electronic medical record of the unbooked population and analyzed by using descriptive statistics. Among 100 unbooked 74% are from Sharjah and 25% from Ajman. 82% are anemic. These few complications out of the vast leads on to life threatening situations. The Primary Health Center accessibility towards these vulnerable population have to be drastically improved that indirectly graphs up the maternal and fetal health.

Author Biography

Sameera Suleiman1, Sinu Pappan2

1Assistant Director of Nursing Affairs, 2Staff Nurse, Emergency Department, Al Qassimi Women’s and Children’s Hospital Sharjah