A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Self Instructional Module (SIM) on Knowledge Regarding Post Operative Care of Cesarean Mothers among Staff Nurses in Selected Government Hospitals of Haryana


  • Kiran Nanda1 , Sathish Rajamani2 , Priyanka3




Evaluate, Effectiveness, Self instructional module, Knowledge, Post operative care, Caesarean mothers.


Introduction: The post-operative period demands appropriate guidance from nurse, so by preventive

and primitive postoperative care the women can be helped to avoid the post-operative problems and

complications, which can help in early recovery.


  • To evaluate the pre - post test knowledge of staff nurses working in maternity Hospital regarding post

operative care of caesarean mothers.

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of self instructional module on post-operative care of caesarean mothers

among staff nurses working in selected hospitals of Haryana.

  • To find out association between pre - post test knowledge regarding post operativecare of caesarean

section with their selected socio-demographic variables.

Methodology: The study was pre- experimental one group pre- test and post-test design. The sampling

technique used for the study was Non-probability convenience sampling technique. Sample consists of 60

staff nurses3 Government hospitals (BheemSenSacchar Hospital of Panipat), (Nagrik Hospital of Jind),

(Nagrik Hospital of Sonipat) Haryana.

Result: There was a good effectiveness of Self instructional module on postoperative care after caesarean

section. The researcher also found the association between post – test knowledge and age of the samples.

Hence self instructional module is very much effective for staff nurses.

Conclusion: The study concluded that there was a good effectiveness of self instructional module on post

operative care after cesarean section.

Author Biography

Kiran Nanda1 , Sathish Rajamani2 , Priyanka3

1 Lecturer, Ved Nursing College, Panipat, 2Associate Professor; Ved Nursing College, Panipat, 3 Lecturer, Ved Nursing College, Panipat