Effectiveness of a Participatory–Learning Program of Pre-retirement on Personal Satisfaction with Older Adults: Urban and Rural Area, Thailand


  • Apinya Koontalay1 , Aumpornpun Teranuch2 , Amornrat Sangsaikeaw3




Adult; aging; participatory program; personal satisfaction; quality of life; retirement.


This study is a quasi-intervention investigation to examine the result of the participatory learning program

of pre-retirement on personal satisfaction with older adults’. The participants were 120 older adults living

in cities and rural areas selected by purposive sampling technique. The sample group is divided into 2

groups: urban and rural groups, intervention and control group of thirty each group. The intervention was

conducted for 12th weeks to improve readiness aging and personal satisfaction as measured by demography

questionnaire, pre-retirement survey form, and personal satisfaction form assessment parameter. Data

on pre-retirement and personal satisfaction were collected before and after a 12th-week participatory

learning program of pre-retirement. Participants in the control group received the convention care. There

were significant differences between the two groups on autonomous regulation. There was no significant

difference found in the pretest mean value base on pre-retirement in both groups. The posttest mean values

of the pre-retirement and personal satisfaction were significantly higher than those of the control group.

There was a significant difference between groups (p<.001).

The results of the study have shown that a participatory-learning program is effective in pre-retirement and

personal satisfaction. It would improve the successful aging and quality of life in a long later life.

Author Biography

Apinya Koontalay1 , Aumpornpun Teranuch2 , Amornrat Sangsaikeaw3

1 Instructor College of Nursing and Health,Suansunandha Rajabhat University, 2Assoc. Prof., Faculty Of Nursing,

KhonKen University, 3 Instructor Boromarajonani College of Nursing Nakhon Panom, Nakhonphanom University