Scoring Trauma with Revised Trauma Score in Scoring Patient Motility with Traumatic Head Injury


  • Lilispuspadariani1 , Sri Andarini2 , Rinik Eko Kapti2



Scoring Traumatic,Revised Trauma Score, Head Traumatic.


Background: Head traumatic is a condition where the head structure getting bump outside and having some

potential to get brain function disruption. The patients assessment with head traumatic can use traumatic

score, by using traumatic score will give quantitative assessment so it will be shown the traumatic degree

and assessing the mortality patient.

Purpose: Revised traumatic score is the assessment physiologist by doing data summarized that include

systole blood pressure, respiration, and Glasgow Coma Scale for knowing the patient mortality in head


Method: This systematic review is begin by making question, determining the objectives then finding the

appropriate key words to identify searching data that is need with the methods and the objectives “AND”

and “OR”. After getting the data searching in 2005 up to 2019 by using database international request,

pubmed, science direct and continue with PRISMA flow diagram and JBI critique tool up to get 6 articles

that relevant to be analyzed be systematic review.

Result and Discussion: Traumatic Scoring with revised traumatic score is a physiologist scoring system

that is used as medical instrument hospital that can help to determine the traumatic patients whether caring

in primer hospital ormain traumatic.

Conclusion: Revised traumatic score is one of the traumatic assessment that able to know the patients

mortality with head traumatic by using assessment indicator that is systole blood pressure, respirasi and

Glasgow Coma Scale

Author Biography

Lilispuspadariani1 , Sri Andarini2 , Rinik Eko Kapti2

1Magister Students of Brawijaya University, Medical Faculty, Malang, Indonesia, 2Lecture of Brawijaya University, Medical Faculty, Malang, Indonesia