Impact of COVID 19 on Health Care Personnel


  • Pinky Devi Phougeishangbam1, Prempati Mayanglambam2



HCP, WHO, PPE, COVID 19, Stress, burn out


The outbreak of COVID 19 is highly challenging for the frontline worker that is health care personnel.
This novel virus originated from Wuhan China, December 2020, as this deadly virus is highly contagious it
affected all globally. WHO declared pandemic on March 2020, and also published guidelines to be followed
by the HCP while providing patient care. HCP face multiples issues continuously which develop while
providing patient care such as occupational burnout due to shortage of manpower. HCP also faced physical
and psychological violence during delivering patient care which is again too stressful. Many HCP works
overtime of 12 to 13 hrs due to shortage of manpower and also many patients got admitted daily. Those
health workers who got contacted without proper PPE, they used to keep quarantine. Due to this HCP are
kept separation from family members and this is again stressful for the concern person especially lady HCP
having small children at home. Apart from these many issues, HCP also faced imbalance nutrition, deprive
sleeping pattern, racism issues especially to north east Indian HCP, transports issue due to lock down, lack
of PPE, impaired coping mechanism with children.

Author Biography

Pinky Devi Phougeishangbam1, Prempati Mayanglambam2

1Phougeishangbam, Associate Professor, Dept of Nursing, Arunachal University of Studies, Namsai,
2Associate Professor, SON, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, UP



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Pinky Devi Phougeishangbam1, Prempati Mayanglambam2. (2020). Impact of COVID 19 on Health Care Personnel. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 11(9), 79-83.