Health Status of Assam: A District Level Analysis


  • Ajijur Rahman



Health, HDI, Index, Resource, service, quality


Health is an important indicator of HDI which is specially designed to assess the economic development
of countries. Access to quality health service at an affordable cost for the common masses is the prime
requirement for the overall development of the country. Quality human resource is associated with the quality
health and educational services available in the country. Every country spends a percentage of their GDP for
health and education sector. Every state government too adopts some scheme and programmes in the health
sector. The government of Assam has been adopting many schemes in the health sector since independence.
In order to understand the health status of Assam, it is imperative to examine the different health facilities
available in the health sector of Assam. In this paper attempt has been made to examine the health status
of Assam in general and tried to explore the district-wise analysis of health status. By considering seven
indicators, with the help of performing index specially developed to assess the performance level of the
different districts. The districts have been classified as Poor, Medium and Good performing districts based
on the index value

Author Biography

Ajijur Rahman

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Science and Technology Meghalaya



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Ajijur Rahman. (2020). Health Status of Assam: A District Level Analysis. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 11(9), 114-122.