Innovative “RK Walker”: Transdisciplinary Multiphasic Observational Experimental Trial


  • Rima Jani1, Priyanshu Rathod1, Kartik Kothari2



Spinal and lower limb dysfunction, stair climbing, walker


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) involves several physical activities like walking, climbing, etc. However,
such ADLs may get compromised because of disorders where assistive devices play a key role for functional
independence. Walker is a device used by people with locomotor disabilities, where stair climbing remains
challenge. Objectives: To understand the process of making an innovative walker for stair climbing, to
test and re-test its applicability with healthy adults and patients with locomotor disabilities, to dedicate the
outcome of research work to improve quality of care and life. Methodology: Multiphasic Observational
Experimental Trial, Phase I: Identify the need of change in traditional walker by survey, Phase II: Designing
a Walker in AutoCAD software and hardware (RK walker), Phase III: To assess the efficacy of “RK Walker”
compared to Traditional Walker in healthy adults, Phase IV: With reference to data analysis from healthy
adults, Traditional standard Walker and “RK Walker” was compared for walking (TUG) and “RK Walker”
for Stair Climbing (SCT) on patients with partially and non-weight bearing gait due to spinal / lower limb
musculoskeletal dysfunction. Result: Outcome measures and feedback reports show significant impact with
RK Walker as compared to traditional walker especially in stair climbing. Conclusion: This multiphasic
observational experimental trial and novel concept extend the functional ability for stair climbing for patients
with disability.

Author Biography

Rima Jani1, Priyanshu Rathod1, Kartik Kothari2

1Assistant Professor at Shree Bharatimaiya College of Physiotherapy, Surat, 1Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Director,
School of Physiotherapy, RK University, 2HOD Mechanical Department, RK University, Rajkot



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Rima Jani1, Priyanshu Rathod1, Kartik Kothari2. (2020). Innovative “RK Walker”: Transdisciplinary Multiphasic Observational Experimental Trial. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 11(9), 133-141.