Mode of Teaching in Anatomy- Perception of 1st Year Medical Undergraduates


  • Vijisha Phalgunan1, Mahima Sophia2, Baskaran.S3



Teaching, Questionnaire, Medical Students, Teaching Aids.


Introduction: To analyse and assess the perception of medical students on different teaching aids which
are normally used in teaching and their attitude towards it.. Time to time evaluation of medical curriculum
by experts is the routine practice in medical education. A comparison between the use of recent advanced
teaching tool and the traditional way of teaching is challenging. However the student’s perception and
opinion is equally important because it is meant for them.
Materials and Methods: A questionnaire was designed covering the different aspects of lecture. It was was
given to 150 medical students of first year students of Sri lakshmi Narayana Institute of Medical Sciences.
Informed consent was taken by the participants and confidentiality was maintained. The questionnaire was
assimilated and analyzed statistically. A personal interview was also conducted to them to know their better
Result : In our study HIGH SATISFACTION INDEX (SI) for the teaching aids were for Powerpoint +
Blackboard teaching. As for teaching methods students preferred combination of teaching followed by small
group discussion and group assessment. However, under individual teaching tool they opted for Powerpoint
teaching only (80%).
Conclusion: The combination of teaching methods using technology is more effective when compared to
didactic lectures. This observation and application may probably break the monotonous mode of lectures .

Author Biography

Vijisha Phalgunan1, Mahima Sophia2, Baskaran.S3

1Professor & H.O.D, Department of Anatomy, Sri Lakshmi Narayana Institute of Medical Sciences, Puducherry,
India, 2Professor, Department of Anatomy, ACS Medical College & Hospital, 3Consultant Cardiologist, Dept. of
Cardiology, Sri Venkateswara Medical College & Hospital



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Vijisha Phalgunan1, Mahima Sophia2, Baskaran.S3. (2020). Mode of Teaching in Anatomy- Perception of 1st Year Medical Undergraduates. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 11(9), 150-154.