Convenience Food : An Emerging Trend in India


  • Silky Verma1, Gurjeet Kaur Chawla2



Food choice, Packaged food , Saviour, Lifestyle, Growth, Consumption pattern, India


Convenience food industry has shown a rapid growth in India in the last few years. Now a days they are
very much in demand and is growing at a rapid rate. These foods are saviour for busy and working people.
They have been widely accepted by the non-working people as well. Due to fast and busy life, consumption
pattern of people is drifting from raw food to convenience foods. Convenience foods are overly processed
food which saves the preparation and cooking time of food in the kitchen.. Young generation children are
more likely to consume packaged food as they give great aroma, texture and taste. These foods determine
the food choices and consumption pattern of the consumers. Urbanisation and the changing lifestyle has a
huge role in increasing the demand of such food items. They are gaining immense popularity in the food
industry, global food market and among the food scientists. In the past few years convenience food has
shown a remarkable growth in the food market . This present study aims at studying the consumption pattern
of convenience food in India.

Author Biography

Silky Verma1, Gurjeet Kaur Chawla2

1MSc. Student, 2Associate Professor, Faculty of Allied Health Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, Manav Rachna
International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS), Faridabad



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Silky Verma1, Gurjeet Kaur Chawla2. (2020). Convenience Food : An Emerging Trend in India. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 11(9), 173-176.