A Study on Substance Abuse among Male Construction Workers in Tamil Nadu, India


  • Vignesh K.S1, Abarajitha. A2




Addiction, Construction Workers, Pattern of Substance Abuse, Purposive sampling


Introduction: Due to substance abuse, there is a serious inflation rate on health burden which have a
tendency to cause acute intoxication, harmful behavior, injury and violence. The consequences of abnormal
substance abuse associated with tobacco and chronic alcohol may end with numerous psychiatric disorders
and other medical conditions.
Objectives: The objective of the present study is to explore the type of substance abuse followed by the
reason and frequency of the abuse.
Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted among 50 constructional workers in sub-urban
region of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Purposive sampling technique was used; the interview was conducted
based on a pre-tested questionnaire to collect the data regarding the type of substance abuse, pattern of
substance abuse, frequency of substance abuse.
Results: The current study reveals that consumption of alcohol and snuff is to a greater extent among the
construction workers. About 30 per cent of them were consuming only alcohol followed by 26 per cent of
them were alcoholics and smokers, 22 per cent of the study participants were using only snuff, followed by
18 per cent of them were taking alcohol and snuff. The study also highlights that 85 per cent of the total
population started substance abuse at the young adult period itself. More specifically, the study identified
that 84 per cent of consumers were getting influenced by their friends. To a greater extent, the study also
determines the male at adolescent age group addicted for the substance abuse such as cocaine, cannabis and
others substances which predominantly creates an impact on health.
Conclusion: Substance abuse, a serious problem in the society which is comparatively high in the adolescence
age period and henceforth required a prompt attention and intervention for creating an awareness to the
effective groups in the society. Even though there are various treatments to handle the substance abuse cases,
action must be taken to stop or prevent substances abuse which is injuries to health. Further, there is a need
to eliminate the stigma and discrimination of persons with substance abuse.

Author Biography

Vignesh K.S1, Abarajitha. A2

1Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, SRMIST, Tamil Nadu, MBBS, Saveetha Medical College, Tamil Nadu



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