Assess Health-seeking Behavior on Cancer among Women Residing at Rahata Taluka


  • Rajendra Dashrath Lamkhede



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Introduction: The cancer is a major problem in developing countries.Cancer is most advancing health
problem faced by overall world including India.
Aims: The aim of the study was to assess the health-seeking behavior and identify the hindrance factors on
health-seeking behavior on cancer among women.
Methods:Using a descriptive, cross-sectional study designwith stratified random sampling.400 women
residing in Rahata taluka were interviewed using a questionnaire. Descriptive statistics was calculated
with the mean for variables that were normally distributed. Statistical Analysis was performed with SPSS
Results: Demographic data show that 41.75% of women were from the age group of below 35 years, 29.75%
had a higher secondary education, 81.75% of women are Hindu, 47.75% of women live in nuclear family,
80.75% of women are married, 38.25% of mothers were house maker, and 48.5% of women have monthly
family income of 1866–5546 Rs. The proportion of health-seeking behavior for cervical cancer among the
study participants shows that majority of women’s believed that cancer treatment can be done properly if
economic condition is well enough, better health facilities available, cancer awareness educational program
through the health workers. The hindrance factor contributes the health-seeking behavior among the women.
Majority of women that have lack of knowledge about disease, social stigma, fear of relationship after
exposure of disease, socioeconomic condition, inadequate knowledge related to treatment, delay health-care
system, delay diagnosis. Providing some education program, educational booklet, strait play, and handouts
medical camp, and short films are helpful for cancer prevention.Conclusion: The awareness of cancer among women residing at Rahata Taluka was low.The result of the
study concludes that certain factor contributes the health seeking behavior among the women. Hence, it is
necessary to give them the right information on cancer and its prevention to women

Author Biography

Rajendra Dashrath Lamkhede

Associate Professor, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences (DU, College
of Nursing, Loni, Maharashtra, India



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