Need for Octopace Culture to Promote Strategic HR Climate in Healthcare Sector


  • B.R.Santosh1 , Sekar.N2



HR Climate, OCTAPACE Culture., Healthcare sector


Purpose: The main purpose of this paper is to study the Openness, confrontation, Trust, Autonomy,
Pro-action, Authenticity, Collaboration & Experimenting (OCTAPACE) Culture among nurses from five
different hospitals
Methodology: A sample of 314 nurses from 5 hospitals in Udupi and Manipal were administering
OCTAPACE profile instrument developed by Udai Pareek to study the cultural ethos at the selected
healthcare organizations.
Findings: The results indicate that there is a gap between desired and actual levels of OCTAPACE Culture.
Organizations despite providing comparatively higher salaries and a host of welfare measures seem to be
possessing an average level of HRD Climate. Factors like lack of top management initiative in identifying
and developing nurse’s potential, nurses not taking the given feedback seriously and similar reasons
contribute to this situation and hence offers a lot of scope for improvement.

Author Biography

B.R.Santosh1 , Sekar.N2

Associate Professor, Manipal Institute of Management (MIM), Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal,
Karnataka, India, 2Academicien and Trainer, Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India.



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B.R.Santosh1 , Sekar.N2. (2020). Need for Octopace Culture to Promote Strategic HR Climate in Healthcare Sector. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 11(11), 367-376.