The Role of Serum LDH Level an Early Marker and Prognostic Indicator for Megaloblastic Anemia in Children


  • Ankit Gupta1 , Ravanagomagan2 , R.S.Sethi3



Megaloblastic Anemia, Lactate dehydrogenase(LDH), Vitamin B12,prognosis and outcome


This prospective study was conducted among 30 children who had clinically suspected megaloblastic anaemia
in a tertiary care hospital. With a purpose to study the role of serum Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) level
as an early marker and prognostic indicator for megaloblastic anaemia in children. After Children’s were
identified by taking detailed clinical history and examination were subjected for the various investigation,
then LDH level were co-related with the duration of illness, severity of anaemia, and clinical response to
treatment. Statistical data was analysed using graph-pad. The commonest age group was between 5-10yrs
(n=17, 56.6%), showing male: female ratio (M:F, 1.5:1), 84%were from low socio-economic background.
Those children who had longer duration of illness had higher serum LDH level. Serum LDH levels falls in
responsive to the therapy. The study concludes that megaloblastic anaemia is still a common and preventable
cause of anaemia in school going children and adolescents. Early recognition of megaloblastic anaemia with
simple investigation like serum LDH level estimation and subsequent effective therapy will have a good

Author Biography

Ankit Gupta1 , Ravanagomagan2 , R.S.Sethi3

Consultant Paediatrician District Woman Hospital, Orai, Uttar Pradesh, 2
Assistant Professor Sree Balaji Medical
College and Hospital Chennai,3
Professor, Department of Paediatrics, Maharani Laxmi bai Medical College,



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Ankit Gupta1 , Ravanagomagan2 , R.S.Sethi3. (2021). The Role of Serum LDH Level an Early Marker and Prognostic Indicator for Megaloblastic Anemia in Children. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(1), 7-12.