Dynamics of Utilization of Modern Contraception by the Females of Slums of Noida


  • Nidhi Pundhir1 , Arindam Das2




Family Planning, Contraception, Women, Empowerment, SDG 5, Urban, Slums.


Unplanned urbanisation has led to a significant rise in number of slums in metro cities of India. Gautam
Buddh Nagar District, of Uttar Pradesh, is no exception. Family planning indicators remain dismally
poor amongst the habitants, pushing them further into poverty. HCL Foundation in partnership with FPAI
conducted a study “My Choice, My Right”: Enabling urban slum based communities including young people
in Noida to lead better lives by choosing Family Planning. We used the study data to find out the dynamics
of utilization of contraceptives in slums of Noida. A total of 735 women, in reproductive age group, were
interviewed during the study. Only 53 percent were found to have knowledge regarding contraception. Only
one-fourth (26 percent) of the overall respondents ever used any modern contraception method in the study
area. Majority (91 percent) used either female sterilization (41 percent) or male condoms (37 percent) or
OCP (13 percent). Policy makers, decision makers and implementors must consider level of awareness on
contraception and use of modern methods as two critical factors while designing policy and intervention
plans for this segment of population.

Author Biography

Nidhi Pundhir1 , Arindam Das2

Director, HCL Foundation, Ph D Scholar, IIHMR University, Jaipur, 2 Associate Professor, IIHMR University,



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Nidhi Pundhir1 , Arindam Das2. (2021). Dynamics of Utilization of Modern Contraception by the Females of Slums of Noida. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(1), 109-116. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijphrd.v12i1.13837