The Diagnostic Information Systems: A pragmatic approach


  • Vijay Kumar Tadia



Diagnostic Information System, User Specific Requirements, System Specific Requirements (SRS)


Introduction: Modern hospitals a manage a large volume of information. Physicians need computers as
well as stethoscopes to provide high quality, low-cost, and up-to-date care to patients. The information
available helps to make appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.
Methodology: A descriptive and observational study was conducted at a tertiary care hospital in a
metropolitan city of India from April 2012 to December 2012. Purposive sampling was used to select Key
Informants (KI). The KIs included the hospital IT Team, hospital administrator and Quality Manager. Semistructured & Unstructured Interviews were conducted with Key Informants to understand the development
of DIS.
Results: The steps involved collection of the User Specific Requirements (URS) and preparation of a
System Design Document (SDD). Different modules were covered in the DIS like Requisition, Generating
a memo, Appointments, Sample collection, Department Receiving center, Examination Signal, Reporting,
Requisition status, MIS Queries The DIS was designed under client/server environment. System indicated a
uniform method of reporting error messages.
Discussion and Conclusion: The Diagnostic Information System enabled the hospital to put in place various
diagnostic services e.g., pathology including surgical pathology, cytology, transfusion medicine including
blood banking, diagnostic endoscopy and cardiology including ECG, etc. With the implementation of this
system, the diagnostic reports were made available on the clinician’s desktop as soon as the investigations
were reported. Thus, the turnaround time had been considerably reduced. The problem of misplaced reports
had almost been eliminated due to this. The MIS reports, both operational and executive, were a positive
outcome of the system.

Author Biography

Vijay Kumar Tadia

Senior Resident Administrator, Department of Hospital Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi



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