Cyber-Pornography Addiction among Medical Students of Telangana


  • K.Hari Praveera1, M.Anudeep1 , Syam Sundar Junapudi2



Medical students, cyber pornography, adolescents, MBBS students.


Introduction:- It is understood as an act of using cyber space to create, display, distribute, impart or publish
pornography or obscene materials, especially materials depicting children engaged in sexual acts with adults.
There are tons of materials which are available now at our fingertips with the advent of 4G network and
smart phones. Almost 50% of the websites exhibit pornographic material on the internet today. Pornography
is accessible to anyone and everyone. 9 out of 10 boys are exposed to some form of pornography before the
age of 18 years whereas the average ratio is 6 out of 10 for girls. Objectives:-1. To identify the prevalence
of risk of cyber-pornography addiction amongst medical students. 2.To identify the type of risk present
among the students. Methodology:-This study was conducted with the help of a pre-designed, pre-tested
web-based questionnaire based on Internet Sex Screening Test amongst the medical college students of
Telangana.Duration of the study: 1st January 2019 to29th February 2019 (2 months). Results: - In the present
study most of the study population (59.02%) was 3rd MBBS students, less study population from internees
(4.39%). Males were 58.35% and females were 41.46%. Among Males 75 (36.58%) are under low risk,
45 (21.95%) are at risk, Among Females 82 (40%)are under low risk, 3 (1.46%)are at risk which was
statistically significant. Conclusion:- It is concluded that majority of the males and females came under low
risk category but males were more under vulnerable category. So males showed higher risk of addiction to
pornography. Pornography is affecting the lives of the students. Recommendations:- Educating the masses
about the detrimental effects of cyber pornography at the levels of individual, family, society and the nation
.Compulsory sex education during high school i.e. during the formative years of an adolescent.

Author Biography

K.Hari Praveera1, M.Anudeep1 , Syam Sundar Junapudi2

Final year MBBS student, Government Medical College, Nizamabad, 2Associate professor, Department of
community medicine, GMC, Suryapet



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K.Hari Praveera1, M.Anudeep1 , Syam Sundar Junapudi2. (2021). Cyber-Pornography Addiction among Medical Students of Telangana. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(1), 303-309.