A Review of Harmful Aspects of Mobile on Health and Environment




electromagnetic radiations, e-waste management, mobile phones, SAR


Background: Cell phone based on communication and digital technology has become inseparable element
in life of users and has proved to be a panacea of all information and communication needs over the years.
But as a necessary evil it may cause harm to both health and environment. Objectives: It is envisaged to be
aware of the potential health hazards, dos and don’ts towards healthy use of cell phone. The aims to create a
background to find level of awareness for health aspects related to mobile phones and disposition behaviour
for discarded mobile phones based on previous studies.
Methods: The study highlights the harmful aspects of mobile on health and environment from the literature
review perspective.
Results: Review of previous studies show that there is very less awareness for harmful effects of mobile
phones on health and environment. Disposition of EoL mobile phones in proper manner is very limited.
Conclusion: Studies indicate the risks associated with cell phone due to its electromagnetic fields (EMF)
while in use and health hazards at the end-of-life or not in use or discarded mobile phones. Therefore healthy
disposal methods of mobile phones in the context of sustainable electrical and electronic equipment waste
management have also emerged as a significant issue.



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