Assess the Psychological Problem and Coping Strategies Adopted among Post Menopausal Women at Tribal Area of Bhandardara


  • Kale Kalpana Shivaji



Assess, Psychological problems, coping strategies, Postmenopausal women.


Background: Menopause is Universal phenomenon and is permanent cessation of menstruation resulting
to loss of ovarian follicle development. Menopause is most striking feature during the period of transition
from the reproductive to the non-reproductive stage of life due to hormonal changes women experience wide
range of physical, psychological and social problem. Psychological symptoms causes effect of daily life
and also most often neglected. Stress due to transition includes a adjusting to the changing self, alteration
in sexuality caused by hormonal changes. Coping strategies help women to overcome these problems and
lead a normal lifes.1
Aim of the study: Assess the psychological problem and coping Strategies adopted among Post menopausal
women. Methods: A cross sectional survey of 250 post menopausal women, selected by non-probability
purposive sampling technique. Survey was conducted by structure questionnaire at tribal area of Bhandardara.
Result: Majority (30%) women from 45-55 years of age. Overall mean score for psychological problem
were (60.26±14.13) whereas for coping strategies mean score was (106.79±22.60). Nearly half (50%)
women under study had mild to moderate psychological problems. There is statistical significant correlation
between psychological problems and coping strategies adopted by menopausal women at 0.05 level.
Conclusion: Study findings shows most of the women had mild to moderate psychological symptoms and
very few women adopted the coping strategies to reduce the psychological problem.

Author Biography

Kale Kalpana Shivaji

Asst. Professor, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University), College of Nursing, Loni (Bk), Tal.
Rahata, Dist. Ahmednagar – 413736, Maharashtra



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