Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on the Mental Health and Overall Wellbeing of the Employees Involved – A Literature Review


  • Roopashree Rao



Mental well Being, Overall Well Being, Mergers and Acquisitions, Employees.


Strategic Alliances, like mergers and acquisitions are one of the options organizations undertake to grow.
A merger involves merging or coming together of two organizations and acquisition is a process when one
organization acquires another of its interest.1 Organizations enter into strategic alliances to compete in the
associated market and expand their share in the market, to enter into new geographical areas, to add new
product profiles, to capitalize the newer technologies available and also add to their financial competencies.
This research paper reviews various literature available on the effect of mergers and acquisitions on the
mental wellbeing and overall wellbeing of the employees associated with the organizations undergoing
these major changes. Mergers and acquisitions follow three stages and each stage flows into the other, there
are various factors which play a very critical role for enabling the mergers and acquisitions to achieve what
they set to achieve at each stage. There are various hard factors like the financial parameters, adequate
planning for financial and operational integration by capitalizing on the previous experience, assessment of
risks and strengths, eliminating excess payments, and various soft issues ,like the cultural issues, ensuring
extended assurance from the leadership, facilitating proper and timely communication to avoid unwanted
dissemination of information, ensuring adequate speed for the implementation plans , ensuring visible and
accountable steps like designating an integration manger to handle all the dilemmas in context to the human
resources, implementing various reporting structures and facilitating the combined ways to deal with critical
issues, collaborating with the critical teams in the process of integration, efficiently managing the various
issues pertaining to human resources to ensure employee motivation and sustainability and implementing
various plans to enable and ensure the proper amalgamation of the cultures of the organizations involved to
minimize and eliminate the negative effects on the mental wellbeing and ensure the overall wellbeing of the
employees involved in the process.1

Author Biography

Roopashree Rao

Associate Professor, Som Lalit Institute of Management Studies,Ahmedabad, Gujarat



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