An Observational Study to Find Out The Knowledge and Practices of Food Hygiene among Hotel Workers in Selected Road Side Hotels Located in Puducherry


  • Elavarasi R1 , Aruna Devi M1



The objective of the study was to assess the knowledge and practices of food handling of hotel workers.
An observational study was conducted among the hotel workers in Puducherry. Sample size was 30 hotel
workers. The result reveals that 18(60.0%) workers had good knowledge, 11(36.7%) Workers had average
knowledge and 1(3.3%) worker had poor knowledge on food hygiene. And 8 (26.7%) workers had good
practice, 21(70.0%) workers had average practice and 1(3.3%) persons had poor practice on food Hygiene.
This study helped us to know about the level of knowledge and practices of food hygiene, preparation and
handlings among the hotel workers

Author Biography

Elavarasi R1 , Aruna Devi M1

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Community Health Nursing, KGNC, Puducherry, India