Assess the Effectiveness of Bibliotherapy on Exam Anxiety Reduction amongB.Sc. Nursing Students


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Background: Bibliotherapy is the best and effective way of managing exam anxiety because it allows the
reader to assess with a character and realize that he or she is not the only person with a particular problem. As the
character works through a problem, the reader is emotionally involved in the issue and primarily achieves insight
of his or her own situation. It allows interaction among the participants who share common needs or interests.
Objectives: To assess the pre test level of exam anxiety among first year Nursing students. To assess the effectiveness
of bibliotherapy on exam anxiety among first year nursing students. To associate the pre-test level of exam anxiety
with selected demographic variables among first year Nursing students.Methodology: A pre-experimental study with
one group pre test- post test design was used in this study. The population of the study, 30first year nursing students
with exam anxiety was selected by purposive sampling. To assess the level of exam with Sarason‘s exam Anxiety
Scale. After assessing the level of exam anxiety administered bibliotherapy for 15 days followed that post-test after
7 days.Results: The mean pre-test level of exam anxiety was 18.37±3 and the post-test level of test anxiety was
8.33±3 The effectiveness of bibliotherapy was tested in terms of reduction in exam anxiety in post-test at 0.05 level
of significance. The mean pre-test and post-test level of test anxiety was analysed and the findings were significant
at 0.05 level. The associations of pre-test level of test anxiety were found to be significant with age, family income
and residential area at 0.05 level of significance. Conclusion: This study has shown that bibliotherapy plays a major
role in reducing the level of exam anxiety among the first year nursing students. It would help the students to acquire
better coping solutions in order to face a future carrier examinations. Keywords: Effectiveness; Bibliotherapy; exam
anxiety; Nursing students

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PhD Scholar, Nursing Department, Maharaj Vinayak Global University, Jaipur