Knowledge and Attitude Towards Hepatitis B Patients among Physiotherapy Students- A Cross Sectional Study


  • Feba Roy1 , Fathima Thamanna1 , Fathimathul Irfana1 , Salman CM, Mahamad Jasir.K S, Mudasir Rashid Baba2



Hepatitis B, knowledge, attitude, physiotherapy students


Background: The Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) is associated with hepatocellular necrosis and inflammation
of the liver, ranging from asymptomatic infection to rarely fulminant hepatitis. According to the World
Health Organization (WHO), there has been a report of past or current HBV infection among 240 billion
people around the world, and 340 million chronic HBV surface antigens carriers. Hepatitis B poses a major
occupational danger to all healthcare profession. Thus the purpose of this study is to assess the knowledge
and attitude of Hepatitis B among 3rd and 4th year physiotherapy students.
Material & Method: This cross-sectional study was carried out with sample size of (n=272) involved
3rd and 4thyear BPT students as per the number of students in per year from three relevant physiotherapy
colleges. A self-administered validated questionnaire comprising of 51 questions was used to assess the
knowledge and attitude towards hepatitis B patients among 3rd and 4thyear BPT students.
Results: The overall mean of knowledge and attitude was 17.86±3.739 with p value 0.001, whereas on
comparison between 3rd and 4th year BPT students, 4th year BPT students reported more knowledge compared
to 3rd year BPT students.
Conclusions: The study reported that although 3rd and 4th year BPT students had knowledge about hepatitis
B however there is a need to educate them to improve their knowledge in the area of practicing universal
safeguards, combating fear while handling high risk patients to avoid discriminatory attitude towards the
beginning of 3rd year

Author Biography

Feba Roy1 , Fathima Thamanna1 , Fathimathul Irfana1 , Salman CM, Mahamad Jasir.K S, Mudasir Rashid Baba2

BPT Intern, 2
Assistant Professor, Yenepoya Physiotherapy College, Yenepoya Physiotherapy College,
Yenepoya(Deemed to be) University