To Assess the Level of Stress Among University Undergraduate Physiotherapy Students


  • Jagruti k Patel1 , Kajal A Hadiya2



Student stress inventory, level of stress, physiotherapy students.


Background: The campus life is identified as very stressful period for so many students because of huge
difference in education system as they have to pass through new academic and social environment. WHO has
projected that stress disorder will be ranked as second most disabling disorders, except appropriate measures
are taken for early diagnosis. This study was conducted to measure level of stress among undergraduate
physiotherapy students using Student stress inventory (SSI). To help the students to avoid stress from the
beginning and to provide them with suitable mental health care and the efficient method to cope with stress
Therefore, the aim of this study is to assess the level of stress among the undergraduate Physiotherapy
student at university.
Method: Cross-sectional analysis of 905 physiotherapy students of age ranged from 18-23 years was done.
Informed consent was taken at the starting of the study and assessment of level of stress was done using
Student Stress Inventory (SSI). Collected data was entered in SPSS and analysed using the same software.
Results: Data was analysed using Pearson’s correlation coefficient which indicate a positive correlation
between academic and environmental factors with the level of stress among students. Result of this study
indicate mild to moderate level of stress among university students. Out of all item high parental expectation,
worry about examination, delivering the class presentations, constant fatigue, headache were common
complains of students
Conclusion: The undergraduate physiotherapy students of University experienced mild to moderate level
of stress, out of all components environmental and academic factors were responsible for producing more
stress among students of the all years.

Author Biography

Jagruti k Patel1 , Kajal A Hadiya2

Assistant Professor, 2
Intern of Bachelor of physiotherapy, S.S Agrawal Institute of Physiotherapy and Medical
Care Education Navsari