Comparison of Postural Stability between Sports Playing Versus Non -Sports Playing Adolescent with BMI > 85Th Percentile


  • Nehali Shringarpure1 , Khyati Kothary2



overweight, obese, BESS score, sports


Obesity in adolescent is a world- wide epidemic in developing as well as developed countries. Obesity
has a overall effect on various body systems and can lead to atherosclerosis, hypertension, stroke, cancers,
hormonal changes, degenerative joint changes, respiratory diseases,it is also associated with various
functional problems like pain, joint stiffeness(lower extremities), affected muscle strength and postural
deformities.It also has an effect on postural stability, that is the ability to maintain the COG within the BOS.
Aim and objective of the study - To compare the postural stability of sports playing versus non-sports
playing adolescent with BMI > 23rd adult equivalent(BMI > 85th percentile) using Balance Error Scoring
System (BESS) scale. Study Design - 21 subjects each in sports playing and non sports playing in the age
group 12-15 years and with BMI >85th percentile were evaluated for their balance using the BESS score.
Results and analysis – Data analysis was done using Graphpad instat demo version. Unpaired ‘t’ test was
done to analyse the data. The analysis showed significant difference between the BESS score of sports
playing and non sports playing individuals . Mean and SD of sports playing individuals was 8.52 (+_2.83)
. The Mean and SD of Non sports playing individuals was 14.85 ( +_4.041). The mean difference +_ SEM
was 6.33 +_1.078.The t value was 5.877. Conclusion - Overweight and obese adolescent who play Regular
sports that is for more than 6 week , 3 times a week and for 1 hour , show a significantly better postural
stability in the BESS scale with a lower value as compared to those obese and overweight individuals who
are not indulged in any sports activity on regular basis, showing a increased score on BESS scale .

Author Biography

Nehali Shringarpure1 , Khyati Kothary2

(Intern), K.J.Somaiya College of Physiotherapy, Mumbai, 2
Professor, K.J.Somaiya College of Physiotherapy ,