Classifications of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis in Relation to Physiotherapy


  • Naveen Kumar Balne1 , S. Afshan Jabeen2 , Neeharika Mathukumalli3



Scoliosis, Rigo classification, Lyon classification, Side shift spinal curves classification. PSSE, Physiotherapy scoliosis.


Idiopathic scoliosis is a complex abnormal lateral curvature of the spine more than 10°, with no evidence of
underlying physical or radiographic pathology. A normally aligned spine is stable platform for performing
static and dynamic activities of life with appropriate recruitment of spinal muscles. Stability and alignment of
vertebrae in spatial planes will influence selection of biomechanical strategies for functional movements and
activities of daily living. There are different classifications and schools of scoliosis specific physiotherapy
like Side shift, Dobomed and BSPTS, SEAS. There is a need to understand different classifications used in
different approaches. This review article is intended to provide overview of different classification systems
to physiotherapists so that they can integrate with the views of surgeon in relation to spinal surgery, interact
and work with orthotists in brace design and to plan corrective program for prevention of further progression
or maintenance or correction of scoliosis.

Author Biography

Naveen Kumar Balne1 , S. Afshan Jabeen2 , Neeharika Mathukumalli3

Faculty of Physiotherapy, NIMS, 2
Additional Professor, Neurology, Nims, 3
Assistant Professor, Neurology, NIMS)