Effect of Core Stability Exercise in Patients with Neckpain


  • Nikita Shah1 , Manmitkaur A Gill², Sandhya Kashyapketan Singal3 , Mumtajben Payla1




Non specific neck pain, core stability exercise, neck disability index, craniocervical flexion test.


Background: Pain is the most common symptom of which the human kind complaints. Neck pain is the
second common condition cause of time off work after low back pain. According to 18% of the responders,
the cause of their symptoms was unknown. The most frequently reported causes were ascribed to working
conditions (29%), tension: stress (29%) and a poor posture (21%). Sitting at work for more than 95% of the
working time seems to be a risk factor for neck pain.
Aims and Objectives: To study the effectiveness of conventional physical therapy in patients with neck
pain and to study the additive effect of core stability exercises on conventional physical therapy in patients
with neck pain.
Materials and Methods: Study included 30 (Thirty) patients with chronic case of non-specific neck pain
between age group of 18-40 years. They were divided into 2 groups: Group A (Conventional therapy +
Core stability exercises group) included 15 patients and Group B (Conventional therapy group) included 15
patients by random sampling. The patients were treated for a period of 1 month. Pain was assessed by Visual
Analogue Scale, neck function was measured by Neck Disability Index and deep neck flexor strength was
measured by craniocervical flexion test.
Results: Results showed that there was significant difference in VAS (P< 0.0001), NDI (P=0.002) and deep
neck flexor strength (p< 0.0001) between Group A and B.
Conclusion: Core stability exercise along with conventional physiotherapy was found to be more effective
in patients with chronic non-specific neck pain. So, these interventions can be applied in clinical setup in
combination with conventional treatment for the better and long term improvements.

Author Biography

Nikita Shah1 , Manmitkaur A Gill², Sandhya Kashyapketan Singal3 , Mumtajben Payla1

M.P.T. Sports. 2
Senior lecturer, M.P.T. Musculoskeletal Conditions, 3
Phd Scholar, In charge lecturer, M.P.T.
Sports, Phd scholar, Department of Physiotherapy, Government Spine Institute and Physiotherapy College, Civil
Hospital Campus, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India