To Study the Combined Effect of Lumbar and Stabilization Exercises and Ift in Subjects with Chronic Low Back Pain- An Experimental Study


  • Raghani Pinky Pahilaj1 , Ajay Kumar2



oswestry disability index, Combined therapy, interferential current, stabilization exercises


Background: IFT has been shown to be beneficial; in reducing pain and inflammation, hence in our study
IFT is included as treatment modality
Methodology: Convenient sample of 30 patients diagnosed with chronic low back pain, were taken. Subjects
were divided into two equal .Subjects in group A (STUDY GROUP) received combination of Lumbar
stabilization exercises and IFT. Subjects in group B (CONTROL GROUP) received isometric Exercises for
back extensors and IFT.
Conclusion: Combined therapy showed significant pain reduction and improvement in disability scores on
oswestry disability index.

Author Biography

Raghani Pinky Pahilaj1 , Ajay Kumar2

Assosciate Professor, 2
Principal , DPO Nett College of Physiotherapy, Thane