Prevalence of Compulsive Exercise in Physically Active Adults


  • Shivani Pathania1 , Mahak Sharma2 , Preeti Saini3



exercise, physical activity, Exercise bulimia, health


Exercise is generally a healthy behavior that promotes fitness and well being. However, some physically
active individuals become addicted to physical fitness and involved in excessive compulsive exercise.
The present study aimed to assess the Prevalence of compulsive exercise among physically active adults.
Purposive sampling was done to collect a sample size of 223 physically active adults within the age group
of 18-29 years from West Delhi and Faridabad. Individuals who were doing physical activity more than
an hour with no chronic diseases were included as participants. Exercise bulimia was measured by using
standardized tool that was compulsive exercise test (CET). Statistical analysis was done by using SPSS 21
version. Samples of 223 subjects were assessed. Out of which 31% of subjects were from Faridabad (N=70)
and 69% of subjects were from East Delhi (N=153). The results revealed that on the basis of CET scoring
44.3% of subjects were having mild exercise bulimia whereas 55.7% of subjects were having exercise
bulimia. The study concluded that maximum number of subjects was suffering from exercise bulimia, which
is an alarming situation for the young generation.

Author Biography

Shivani Pathania1 , Mahak Sharma2 , Preeti Saini3

MSc. Student, 2
Associate Professor, 3
Assistant Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Allied Health
Sciences, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad, India