Prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among Third Trimester Pregnant Women – An Institutional Based Study


  • Sonia1 , Smitha D2



Carpal tunnel syndrome, Third trimester, Tinel’s sign, Phalen’s test, Flick sign


Background: Carpal tunnel syndrome is a most common type of upper limb compression neuropathies.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is common during pregnancy and the symptoms are mostly high in the third
trimester. Various physiological and electro diagnostic tests are used to detect carpal tunnel syndrome
in this stage. Though it is common during pregnancy; there are limited studies done in India to find out
the prevalence. Thus this study was aimed to find the prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome among third
trimester of pregnant women.
Method: A cross-sectional study including 371 pregnant women who visited OBG Department of Yenepoya
Medical College Hospital Mangalore. They were assessed subjectively through Flick sign and Katz Hand
Diagram and objectively using clinical tests including Tinel’s test, Phalen’s test, Carpal compression test and
Abduction strength test to confirm the carpal tunnel syndrome.
Results: Among 371 pregnant women, 34 (9%) women were found to be positive of carpal tunnel syndrome.
3.6%, 6.9% and 11.3% of carpal tunnel syndrome were found in 7th, 8th and 9th month of their pregnancy
respectively. Tests were found to be higher in 9th month as compared to 7th and 8th month but Tinel’s sign was
significantly higher in the 9th month.
Conclusion: In this study the prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome among third trimester pregnant women
was found to be 9%.

Author Biography

Sonia1 , Smitha D2

Postgraduate, 2
Associate Professor, Yenepoya Physiotherapy College, Yenepoya (Deemed to be university)
Mangalore, India