Correlation between Psychological Status and Fatigue in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer after Chemotherapy- A Pilot Study


  • Nigat Fathima P.A1 , Ayesha Huda T2 , Aysha Rayeena3 , Rehanaz4 , Rhea Verona Lobo5



Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS); Hamilton Depression scale (HAM-D); Head and Neck Cancer; Cancer; Quality of Life.


Background: Fatigue and depression are among the most pervasive symptoms experienced by the patients
with cancer which might have a influence on the quality of life. This study aimed to find out the correlation
between fatigue and psychological status in patients with head and neck cancer who have undergone
Material & Method: This was a non probability sampling method study conducted on 23 participants
after obtaining the informed consent who is receiving treatment for head and neck cancer in the oncology
department of Yenepoya Medical College Hospital after obtaining the institutional ethics clearance. Patients
with head and neck cancer aged 18-65 years receiving chemotherapy were included in the study. Patients
suffering from other cancers were excluded. A standardised validated questionnaire of Fatigue Severity
Scale (FSS) and Hamilton Depression scale (HAM-D) was used measure the outcome of the study.
Result: Total of 23 patients with head and neck cancer were included in present study after obtaining the
informed consent. Among them 83% were males and 17% were females, with mean age of 54.83±14.58 yrs.
A significant positive strength of association between the scores of the FSS and HAM-D among the patients
with the head and neck cancer
Conclusion: The head and neck cancer patients have a clear positive association between fatigue and
depression. Awareness of this can be useful in further evaluating fatigue and psychological problems and in
appropriate preparation to reduce these symptoms for patients.

Author Biography

Nigat Fathima P.A1 , Ayesha Huda T2 , Aysha Rayeena3 , Rehanaz4 , Rhea Verona Lobo5

Assistant Professor, 2
UG Students, Yenepoya Physiotherapy College, Yenepoya university, Derlakatte, Mangalore