The Effects of Core Stabilization Training Program on Endurance and Balance in Cricketers


  • Joseph.E1 , Ajeet Kumar Saharan2 , Manoj Kumar Mathur3 , Virendra Singh Rajpurohit4 , Swati Sharma5



Core stability, Sorensen test, Star excursion balance test


Background and Purpose: Core stability 1 is seen as being pivotal for efficient biomechanical function
to maximize force generation and minimize joint loads in all types of activities ranging from running to
throwing. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of core stabilization training program on
endurance and balance in cricketers. Materials and Methods: A total of 40 male cricketers of age group 15-
25yrs were included in the study and randomly assigned into two groups, 20 in each group. Group A -control
group, who did not receive any training and Group B -core strengthening group, who received six weeks of
core training. Before the start of the study and again after 6 weeks of training, 2 tests were used to measure
core endurance and balance- Sorensen back endurance test and Star Excursion Balance Test. Statistical
analysis: Analyzed by calculating mean, standard deviation, and comparison within the groups by paired
t-test and between groups by unpaired t-test. Results: The results showed significant improvements in both
Sorenson and Star excursion balance tests for the group undertaking the core training program (p <0.05).
Conclusion: Core endurance measured using Sorensen also showed increase in trunk holding time after 6
weeks of core exercise training, among the two tests Star excursion balance test improved more compare to
core endurance after 6 weeks of training.

Author Biography

Joseph.E1 , Ajeet Kumar Saharan2 , Manoj Kumar Mathur3 , Virendra Singh Rajpurohit4 , Swati Sharma5

PhD (Research scholar) -Department of Physiotherapy, Maharaj Vinayak Global University Jaipur, India,
PhD, MPT (Neuro), Principal-Jaipur Physiotherapy College, MVGU, Jaipur, India, 3
MPT (MSK), FIMT, Fellow.
in Spinal Rehabilitation, Assistant Professor-Jaipur Physiotherapy College, MVGU, Jaipur, 4
Associate ProfessorJaipur Physiotherapy College, MVGU, Jaipur, 5
Phd (Research scholar), MPT (Neuro) Assistant Professor-Jaipur
Physiotherapy College, MVGU, Jaipur