Physiotherapy in Telerehabilitation Mode Improves HealthRelated Quality of Life and Functional Muscle Strength in COVID 19 Survivors: A Case Series


  • Karishma Daswani1 , Kavya Bhatia2





Introduction: Pulmonary rehab is effective for various chronic lung conditions. COVID-19 leads to
conditions like ARDS, SARI wherein pulmonary rehab has been shown to be effective. Under the current
pandemic situation, wherein access to transport and healthcare facilities have been difficult, ReLiva
Physiotherapy & Rehab initiated tele-pulmonary rehab for COVID patients, known as” Respirehab”. This
article is to present findings of the patients who have completed the 1-month Respirehab program.
Objective:To determine whether respirehab delivered to COVID-19 patients has beneficial effects pre and
1. Functional outcome measures
2. Clinical outcome measures.
Materials & Method: Respirehab is a 1-month program delivered online through real time video calls and
exercise prescription through pre-recorded videos. Key components are breathing exercises and progressive
physical exercises. This program starts with a detailed assessment on a video call with a physiotherapist,
subsequent to which a plan of care is prepared online. Weekly reviews conducted and accordingly treatment
protocols were modified, whenever required. It was ensured that at least 2 live video sessions per week were
held with the patient for motivation and program safety. The patients’ outcomes were measured on SGRQ,
MMRC, 1 RM – 10 RM, and SPO2 data. We collected these data in the beginning of the program and at a
weekly interval.
Results: Patients showed improvement on each of the scales and which was significant. The pre and post
data was analysed using following outcome measures SGRQ, MMRC, 1RM-10RM, SPO2 MONITORING.
The average improvement seen in the outcomes is 70%.
Conclusion: Respirehab holds a lot of assurances for patients recovering from COVID-19. In the current
sample size, all patients showed improvement in clinical and functional outcomes. Findings from a larger
sample will validate the benefits more conclusively.

Author Biography

Karishma Daswani1 , Kavya Bhatia2

ReLiva Physiotherapy and Rehab Nerul, Ashirwad Apartments, F-2 Type Jagatguru Aadi Shankaracharya road,
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