Prevalence of Occupational Health Disorders in Auto Rikshaw Drivers -Meerut City - A Cross Sectional Study


  • Lalit Chaudhary1 , Shazia Mattu2 Ujjawal Singh Tomar 3



Musculoskeletal Pain; physical activity; Eye pain


Purpose : To find out the prevalence of occupational disorder in auto -rickshaw drivers.
Participants and Methods: A total number of 150 Participants (auto rickshaw drivers) were included in the
study.The questionnaire was explained to them in their native language. All the components of questionnaire
were explained to the participants. A consent form was been filled by all the participants..All the information
like name, age, gender , and the sort of problems they were suffering were noted.
In this questionnaire the following questions are: Have you at any time had numbness, tingling or dullness
in the fingers, palms or feet?
(1) Yes (2) No
Have you at any time had pain in any part of your body?
(1)Yes (2) No
How long does the pain continue?
(1) A long time (2) about one week
(2) about one day (4) about half a day
Result: We use Nordic questionnaire there are total 8 questions which has been use to represent the prevalence
of Musculoskeletal disorder in various body parts. We have seen the maximum problem in their Eyes (32%)
followed by Lower back pain (15.33% ).
Conclusion:. In conclusion, we found in this present study the most common problem was Eyes problems
than followed by Back pain problems. The longer the years of driving experience the greater the chances of
developing musculoskeletal pain. A large number of Auto Rickshaw drivers with musculoskeletal pain are
using alternative therapies and self prescribe drugs.

Author Biography

Lalit Chaudhary1 , Shazia Mattu2 Ujjawal Singh Tomar 3

1 Bachelor of Physiotherapy Student, 2 Assistant Professor, College of Applied Education and Health Sciences,
Meerut, India, 3 Head of Department of physiotherapy, College of Applied Education and Health Sciences,
Gangotri Colony, Roorkee Road, Meeru