Effect of Pronated And Supinated Foot Postures on Static and Dynamic Balance in Dancers


  • Nidhi Ladha1 , Hardhi Jain2




Foot postures, Supinated, Pronated, Navicular drop test, balance, Flamingo balance test, Star excursion balance test


Aim: Foot being the most distal segment represents a relatively small Base of Support (BOS) on which the
entire body maintains balance. Postural control is not a fully automatic process, requires a certain level of
attention to maintain balance. A minor biomechanical alteration can disrupt the process. Hence the current
study aims to assess the static and dynamic balance of contemporary dancers with altered foot posture.
Methodology: Altered foot posture was assessed using the Navicular drop test following that the static
balance (using the flamingo balance test) and dynamic balance (using star excursion balance test (SEBT))
were assessed in 30 contemporary dancers.
Results: Out of 30 dancers (21 had pronated foot, 8 had neutral and 1 with supinated foot). Strong correlation
was found between the foot posture and the static balance (r=0.753; right foot and r=0.702; left foot). SEBT
showed that balance was affected in certain directions which were different for the dancers with different
foot alterations. Supinated foot showed affection in anterior and antero-medial directions and pronated foot
showed alterations in posterior, postero-lateral and lateral directions.
Conclusion: Overall the study showed that contemporary dancers are affected most with the pronated foot
proposing higher risk of injuries in future and the overall reach distance was affected in supinated foot
compared to neutral foot and pronated foot.

Author Biography

Nidhi Ladha1 , Hardhi Jain2

M.P.Th, in Cardiopulmonary Sciences, Department of Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy, 2
Assistant Professor,
D.Y.Patil University, School of Physiotherapy, Nerul, NaviMumbai, Maharashtra, 2
B.P.Th, D.Y.Patil University,
School of Physiotherapy, Nerul, NaviMumbai, Maharashtra, D.Y.PatilUniversity,Schoolof Physiotherapy, Nerul,
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra