Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders and its Influence on Quality of Life in Elderly Females


  • Aishwarya Wayadande1, Ronald Prabhakar2



SF-36Questinnaire, Nordic Questionnaire, Elderly female population.


The study focuses on understanding the Quality of life amongst the elderly female population. The
parameters are studied are musculoskeletal disorders (conditions) and its impact on quality of life. The
study included willing participants of age 65 and above. Elderly female people unwilling to participant or
unable to give interview for various reasons were excluded from the study. The study focused on tertiary
hospitals of Miraj, and total 100 subjects were interviewed while OPD visits. The musculoskeletal disorders
were evaluated by using Nordic score while Quality of life was assessed by SF-36 questionnaire. The mean
value of Nordic questionnaire shows that low back region is more affected as compare to other site of body.
Similarly the mean values from SF-36 scores indicates that physical functioning as well as Energy/Fatigue
and Bodily pain were more affected in elderly female population. The overall observation of study indicates
that increasing age results in poor quality of life. Nordic Questionnaire and SF-36 scores are negatively
correlated with respect to the under study population.

Author Biography

Aishwarya Wayadande1, Ronald Prabhakar2

1Intern, College of Physiotherapy, Wanless Hospital, Miraj Medical Centre, Miraj,
2Professsor, Wanless Hospital Campus, Mira