Effectiveness of Kaltenborn Mobilization Technique Versus Mulligan’s MWM in Patients with Adhesive Capsulitis of Shoulder


  • Alisha Fernandes1 , LakshitaShah2 , AarthiMohan




Adhesive capsulitis, Mulligan, MWM, Kaltenborn, SPADI.


Background and Objectives: Adhesive capsulitis(AC) is a condition commonly affecting the shoulder with
2% prevalence, causing insidious pain and restriction of active as well as passive gleno-humeral movement.
This study compares the effectiveness of Kaltenborn mobilization versus Mulligan’s MWM technique for
AC of the shoulder.
Method: 56 participants were randomly allocated in Group M and Group K for the shoulder. SPADI and
shoulder ROM were used as outcome measures. These were recorded at baseline and at the end of 2 weeks
post treatment.
Results: Statistically significant (p<0.05) improvements were found in Group K with respect to SPADI
scores, while the same was observed in ROM although not statistically significant.
Conclusion: Pain and disability along with ROM improved in both groups.

Author Biography

Alisha Fernandes1 , LakshitaShah2 , AarthiMohan

1 MPT (Musculoskeletal and Sports), In-charge Physiotherapist, SDM Institute of Ayurveda and Hospital,

Bangalore, 2 Post graduate student in paediatrics (MPT), SDM College of Physiotherapy, 3 MPT (Musculoskeletal

and Sports), Physiotherapist, Australia.