Comparative Study on Effect of Insulin and Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs on Quality of Life among Type 2 Diabetics Using Modified Diabetes Quality of Life Questionnaire (MDQOL-17)


  • Aparna Tare1 , Khyati Kothary2



Diabetes mellitus, Modified Diabetes Quality of Life questionnaire.


Diabetes mellitus is defined as a group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia, due to

defective insulin secretion, action or both. Type 2 diabetics can be treated by using oral hypoglycemic

drugs or insulin or both. Type 2 diabetics who do not respond to the treatment of oral hypoglycemic drugs

or maybe insulin resistant over a period of time require supplemental insulin for adequate glycemic control.

The reality is that diabetes influences patient’s lives. The mere presence of diabetes deteriorates a person’s

quality of life. When diabetes co exists with other chronic illnesses, the effect is even worse. Aim and

Objective of the Study - To compare quality of life in diabetics on insulin and oral hypoglycemic drugs.

The objectives being assessing and comparing quality of life in Diabetics on insulin and oral hypoglycemic

drugs using MDQol-17 on the components like Physical functioning, Role limitations due to physical health,

Role limitations due to emotional health, Energy fatigue, Emotional well-being, Social functioning, and

General health. Study design and methodology -Total of 124 subjects were included in the study. Of this,

62 were on insulin (Group A) and 62 were on oral hypoglycemic drugs (Group B).Outcome measure used

was Modified Diabetes Quality of life questionnaire-17. Results and analysis - The data was collected and

analyzed using statistical test – Unpaired t test for the comparison between two independent groups. The

QOL score for insulin and OHD group was 60.96(±1.8) and 71.32(±1.5) respectively which was significant.

With the p=<0.05. The difference in the domains of Role limitations due to physical health, role limitations

due to emotional health, social functioning and general health was statistically significant on comparing

between the two groups. Conclusion - There is significant difference in the Quality of life of Diabetic

patients who are on insulin and those on oral hypoglycemic drugs.

Author Biography

Aparna Tare1 , Khyati Kothary2

1 Intern, 2 Professor, K.J.Somaiya College of Physiotherapy, Mumbai