Effect of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Integrated with Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises on Strength of Quadriceps Muscle


  • Bansal S1 , Zutshi K2 , Munjal J3




Neuromuscular electrical stimulation, Closed kinetic exercise, Maximum isometric voluntary contraction, Quadriceps


Background & Objective: Electrical stimulation has been well studied in strengthening of weak muscles.

Incorporating high-intensity NMES into rehabilitation program for muscle strengthening is an effective

option available for restoring quadriceps strength. The clinical use of CKC has significantly increased during

the past two decades as these exercises concentrates on a co-contraction of the quadriceps, hamstrings, hip

flexors, soleus, and gastrocnemius muscles and are labeled as being “sport specific movements. Literature

available till date has been largely inconsistent whether combining NMES with either of strength training

will produce better results. Therefore, in present study we propose to integrate NMES and CKC exercises

protocols in improving strength of Quadriceps Femoris.

Method: Thirty Healthy subjects were recruited, group A(n=10) combination technique, group B(n=10)

NMES, group C(n=10), CKC group: were given training for 3 days/ week for 4 weeks.

Result and Conclusion: maximum improvement resulted in Group C, followed by Group A and minimum

improvement in Group B.

Author Biography

Bansal S1 , Zutshi K2 , Munjal J3

1 Assistant professor, Physiotherapy Department, School of Medicine & Allied Sciences, Galgotias University, 2 Assossiate Professor, F/o AHS , Jamia Hamdard University, 3 Physiotherapist, Hindurao Hospital