Treatment of Pronated Foot - A Review


  • Ngilyang Mica1,Omeshree Nagrale2



pronated foot, physical therapy, supination, pronation, eversion.


Foot Pronation, also called as “eversion” is a normal and necessary component of the gait cycle. However,

abnormal pronation occurs when foot pronates, when actually it shouldn’t. It occurs during the half of the

stance phase. The foot rolls inward when one lands their foot on surface while walking and running. The

complementing structures of the ankle or foot complex permits both stability and mobility depending on

conditions acting on it. This article presents on overview on current knowledge on pronated foot and focuses

on biomechanics, etiology diagnosis and treatment strategies, conservative treatment.

Author Biography

Ngilyang Mica1,Omeshree Nagrale2

1 MPT Student, 2 Assistant Professor, Department of Community Physiotherapy,

R.V. College of Physiotherapy, 4th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore, India