Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation in LMN Facial Palsy: A Case Report


  • Pooja Kumari Digra1 , Rajni Bharti2 , N.P. Singh3



Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Technique, LMN Facial palsy, Rhythmic initiation, repeated stretch, House brackmann grading scale (HBGS).


Background: LMN facial palsy changes facial expression and leads to functional problems in facial

movement and negative psychological effects on patients. Fortunately, some ofLMN facial palsy problems

recover completely, but some others remain with some sequelae like asymmetry, muscle contracture,

synkinesis, and hyperkinesias that need rehabilitation. Aim of Study:The main purpose of this case report is

to analyze the effect of proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (Rhythmic initiation, repeated stretch, 3

session /week) onLMN Facial palsy. Method: Patient was assessed by HOUSE BRACKMANN GRADING

SCALE (HBGS) and then after he was given PNF treatment for a period of one month and once again the

patient was reassessed by HOUSE BRACKMANN GRADING SCALE. Result: The finding of the case

showed that there was overall improvement in functions of face muscle in LMN Facial palsy patients.

Conclusion: The significant result shows the improvement in facial symmetry in bell palsy patients.

Author Biography

Pooja Kumari Digra1 , Rajni Bharti2 , N.P. Singh3

1 Lecturer, Jammu college of Physiotherapy, 2 MD Microbiology Student, GMC J&K, 3 Professor, Jammu College of Physiotherapy