Prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrme in Obese Individuals and Electrophysiological Assessment in Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Cases


  • Chinmayee Patel1 , Tofik Pirwani2



carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve conduction studies, obesity.


Objective: to find out correlation between obesity and CTS and to check whether NCV can be used as a

diagnostic tool in asymptomatic cases. Method: A 30 subjects out of 50 were undergone for nerve conduction

studies and primary outcome measure is functional status scale symptoms severity scale. Result: results of

this study failed to reveal a significant correlation between the BMI and CTS so null hypothesis is retained.

results of NCV studies found no significant difference between symptomatic and asymptomatic group, so in

that null hypothesis retained.

Author Biography

Chinmayee Patel1 , Tofik Pirwani2

1 Assistant Professor, The Shrimad Rajchandra College of Physiotherapy,Uka Tarsadia University, Maliba

Campus, Bardoli, Gujarat, India, 2 Clinical Therapist (BPT) Bardoli, Gujarat, India.