Prevalence of Flat Foot and Correlation between BMI and Planter Arch Index in Obese School Children


  • Chinmayee Patel1 , Pooja Mehta2



Flat foot, Planter arch index.


Aims: To find out the prevalence and correlation between the BMI and plantar arch index in obese school


Method: 50 participants (26 Girls and 24 Boys) of mean age 9.960 ± 0.925 were recruited based on inclusion

and exclusion criteria. It was a cross sectional study among the school children. The data was obtained by

using means of the footprint and the plantar arch index, which establishes the ratio between central and

posterior regions of this footprint, determining a mean PAI and a limit to the flat-foot.

Result: Among the 26 girls, 42%had flat foot and 58%did not have flat foot and among the 24 boys, 45%had

flat foot and 55%did not have flat foot. The result shows that there was no significant correlation( r =

0.02773) of BMI and planter arch index.

Conclusion: This Study concluded that there was no significant correlation between planter arch index

and BMI in obese school children (P=0.6324) as indicated by correlation values (for right foot A =0.1413

B=0.1137and left foot A=0.1410 B=0.1066).

Author Biography

Chinmayee Patel1 , Pooja Mehta2

1 Assistant Professor, The Shrimad Rajchandra College of Physiotherapy,Uka Tarsadia University, Maliba Campus,

Bardoli, Gujarat, India, 2 Clinical Therapist, Rankuva, Gujarat, India