Can Brain Cure Pain and Fear? Effect of Graded Motor Imagery on Post Operative Lumbar Degenerative Diseases -Randomized Control Trial


  • Sharmila Dudhani1 , Khan Afreen Mohd Anwar2 , Pradeep Kumar Jain3



Degenerative Lumbar Spine Surgery, Fear Avoidance Belief, Pain, Graded Motor Imagery.


Objective: The study aimed at evaluating the effect of GMI on fear of movement, LBP, leg pain and disability

post degenerative lumbar spine surgery.

Design: RCT.

Materials and Method: 60 participants were randomly allocated to Group-A and Group-B. FAB, back &

leg pain, and disability was assessed using FABQ, NPRS and ODI. In Group-A, participants were given

GMI twice a week for 3 weeks. In Group-B, participants were not given any active intervention. After 3

weeks, both the groups were evaluated again on FABQ, NPRS and ODI.

Results: Pre and Post-treatment scores of FABQ, NPRS-back, NPRS-leg, and ODI was obtained. In both

groups, each outcome measure had significant results with p value of 0.0001 (95% CI), however, Group-A

showed better outcome compared to Group-B.

Conclusion: The study concluded that GMI training during immediate post-operative period may be

beneficial for reducing fear of movement, pain and disability.

Author Biography

Sharmila Dudhani1 , Khan Afreen Mohd Anwar2 , Pradeep Kumar Jain3

1 Professor, SDM College of Physiotherapy, Sattur, Dharwad, 2 Ramnath Yadav Colony, MC Road, Andheri East,

Mumbai, 3 Associate Professor, SDM college of Medical Sciences and Hospital, Dharwad