Immediate Effect of Non Ballistic Active Knee Extension in Neural Slump Position Versus Muscle Energy Technique on Hamstring Flexiblity in Young Adults-Comparitive Study


  • Srishti Bipul Banerjee1 , Sadhana Mukhi2



MET, hamstring flexibility , neural slump position, active knee extension (AKE) test , non ballistic active knee extension


Background and purpose: Amongst all of the bi-articular muscles of the human body hamstring have

a greater tendency to shorten. Tightness of hamstrings produces decreased range of motion and reduce

flexibility of the pelvis, hip and knee joints which can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. Muscle energy

technique (MET) also known as active muscular relaxation technique is effective for lengthening a shortened

muscles and increasing the range of motion. It is found that neuro dynamic tension technique also affects

muscle flexibility and stretch tolerance. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the immediate effect of

muscle energy technique verses non ballistic active knee extension in neural slump position on hamstring

flexibility in young adults.

Materials and Method : 60 healthy individuals between the age group of 18-35 years with bilateral

hamstring tightness without any previous musculoskeletal injuries were allocated into 2 groups by means of

quasi random sampling. Hamstring tightness was measured using active knee extension (AKE) test. Group

A was given neural slump stretch and group B was given muscle energy technique.

Results: For within group data analysis Wilcoxon test was applied where Group A and Group B showed

statistically significant difference (p<0.001) in pre and post hamstring flexibility. Mann Whitney U test was

used for between group analysis in which Group A(mean rank 35.22) showed a greater improvement than

Group B (mean rank 25.78).

Conclusion: Both the techniques showed statistical as well as clinical significance in improving hamstring

flexibility, however non ballistic active knee extension in neural slump position showed greater improvement

than MET.

Author Biography

Srishti Bipul Banerjee1 , Sadhana Mukhi2

1 Assistant Professor, L.J Institute of Physiotherapy, L.J Campus, Between Sarkhej Circle and Kataria Motors, S.G

Road, Ahmedabad, 2 Lecturer, College address : J.G College of Physiotherapy, J.G Campus of Excellence, Sola

Road , Gulab Tower Rd ,Thaltej Ahmedabad