Prevalence of Upper Trapezius Myofasical Pain and Brasserie Groove Deformity Due to Tight Inner Wear in Women: The Co Relational Study


  • Vandana Tomer1 , Rituraj Verma2 , Taruna Verma3 , S. Zafar4



Myofascial pain, upper trapezius, brasserie groove deformity and brasserie


Objective: To evaluate the effect of tight bra strap on upper trapezius and brasserie groove deformity due

to tight inner wear

Sample: A total number of 100 women aged 20-40 years were randomly recruited from rural area as well

as from urban area

Design: Correlational and observational study

Method:100 subjects fulfilling selection criteria participated in the study. All of them were told about the

procedure of study. All their queries were answered satisfactorily and informed consent was taken from

them. They were asked to fill these questionnaires which consists of 32 items. Participants were asked

to state their bra size immediately after completion of the questionnaire (i.e. reported bra size) and then

measure their bra size by tape method. Brasserie groove deformity is checked by palpation and observation

of taught muscle band. The participants were selected for the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the study.

The patient consent was taken to be comfortable and relaxed.

Conclusion: Study suggests the there is highly positive correlation between measured breast size and

trapezius myofascial pain as with increase in bra size, trapezius myofascial pain also increases, and the

positive correlation of measured bra size and VAS scale .

Author Biography

Vandana Tomer1 , Rituraj Verma2 , Taruna Verma3 , S. Zafar4

1 Student Researcher, 2 Associate professor), 3 Assistant Prof.,4 Prof., Department of Physiotherapy,

Galgotias University, Greater Noida