Comparative Study of Different Haemoglobin Estimation Methods


  • Drashti Thakkar
  • Nirali Shah
  • Poorvi Aghara
  • Cherry Shah
  • Minesh Gandhi



Anaemia, Automated haematology analyser, Haemoglobin estimation, Drabkin’s cyanmetheamoglobin method, Sahli’s method.


Introduction: Anaemia is one of the most common haematological findings encountered in clinical
practice. Diagnosis of anaemia is mainly done by haemoglobinestimation. Among many methods
available for hemoglobin estimation, for outpatient department we need fast and cheap method, for
indoor patients we need more accurate methods for treatment direction and monitoring of the patient.
Methods: 500 EDTA blood samples were obtained randomly from various indoor and outdoor patient
departments of a tertiary care hospital in Ahmedabad, India and their hemoglobin was measured by
Sahli’sHaemoglobinometer, Cyanmethemoglobin Method &7-part haematology analyzer: Siemens
Results:Repeatability standard deviationsof Sahli’s method, Drabkin’s method and cell counter
respectively were 0.61 g/dl, 0.38 g/dland 0.15 g/dl. When comparing Sahli’s method with Drabkin’s
method and cell counter, we found p value of <0.0001, suggesting significant difference between two
methods. Whereas Drabkin’s method was found to be comparable with cell counter with p value of
Conclusion: Sahli’s method although cheap and easy, is inaccurate and has subjective bias. So it can be
used for screening purpose, but not for diagnosis and follow up of anaemia,Haemoglobin measurement
by Drabkin’s method is very cost effective and it is as efficient as cell counter. It is especially useful
in fund deprived areas and where only haemoglobin value is required.Cell counter although highly
accurate and versatile, requires good equipment, quality control, laboratory setup and trained personnel.
So it should be preferably used when complete blood count is required.

Author Biographies

Drashti Thakkar

Senior Resident, BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad

Nirali Shah

Assistant Professor, GMERS Medical College,Ahmedabad

Poorvi Aghara

Second Year Resident, NHL MMC, Ahmedabad

Cherry Shah

Professor & HOD, NHL MMC, Ahmedabad

Minesh Gandhi

Associate Professor, NHL MMC, Ahmedabad



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Thakkar, D. ., Shah, N. ., Aghara, P. ., Shah, C. ., & Gandhi, M. . (2021). Comparative Study of Different Haemoglobin Estimation Methods. International Journal of Contemporary Pathology, 7(1), 1-8.