Health Status of Children in Assam


  • Chayanika Goswami



Assam, Child, Economic Development, Health Care, Health Indicators, Nutrition.


Children are the most valuable asset of a nation; their good health is the cornerstone for survival and

development for current and succeeding generations which guarantee the sound and sustained economic

development. Child health is a state of social, emotional, intellectual, mental and physical well- being which

does not merely represent the absence of disease or infirmity. The term nutrition refers to a process of

attaining necessary food for proper health and growth of human being. The nutritional status of children

impacts their health, cognition and educational achievements. But underweight and malnutrition are most

prominent health indicators in India and also in Assam (According to NFHS-3 & NFHS-4). Assam is situated

in the North-East of India, bearing a considerable percentage of its population under the poverty line. Assam

does not have shown much improvement in its health and nutrition indicators. Almost 36.4 percent children

under age 5 are stunted and Infant Mortality Rate as high as 48( NFHS-4). The health status of children in

rural areas of Assam is very pathetic. 55 percent children are stunting in rural areas. Various reports states

that though Assam has made progress in its health indicators, still there is a great need to strengthen its

existing health care services especially in the rural areas. The present study has made an attempt to study

the health status of children in Assam. This study may be able to provide a base line information and need

for effective implementation of various schemes and programmes for the improvement of health status of

children in future.

Author Biography

Chayanika Goswami

PhD Research Scholar, Dept of Economics, Gauhati University, Assam




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