Saliva in identification of ABO Blood Grouping & Rhesus Factor


  • Harshada R



ABO blood grouping, Saliva, Identification.


Aim: To assess the efficacy and reliability of saliva in identification of ABO blood grouping.

Materials and Method: The study was conducted in the outpatient department of Oral Medicine and

Radiology. The serum and saliva of 50 participants were collected and the blood group of the individual from

serum was identified by the slide agglutination method and from saliva by the absoption elution method.

Results: Data obtained were subjected to statistical analysis using Paerson’s chi square test and it showed

high significance (P = <0.001).

Conclusion: The outcome of the present study showed that saliva can be used as an aid in forensics for

identification of ABO blood grouping of an individual.

Author Biography

  • Harshada R

    1PG Student, 2Professor & Head, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Sree Balaji Dental College and

    Hospital, BIHER, Chennai




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